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Lea ist a professional modern circus artist whe specialises in Cyr Wheel and Aerial Chandelier. She is perfroming her circus art since 2014 on the biggest international stages. Her biggest and most succesful engagements where at the Moulin Rouge in Paris and the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

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Short Bio

Lea discovered the circus discipline “Cyr Wheel” during her training at the “National Circus School” in Montreal in 2011 and immediately fell in love.
Right after graduating in Montreal, Lea was hired by the Canadian circus “Cirque Eloize” in 2014 and toured the world with the show “Cirkopolis”, including Santiago de Chile, TelAviv, Sydney and London.
Since then Lea has appeared with her Cyr Wheel Solo as well as in the Cyr Wheel Duo (then under the name “Duo Unity”) in various shows in theaters and variety shows, in television programs and at festivals. Since her two-year permanent job at the Moulin Rouge in Paris in 2017/2018, Lea has been perfroming more in Germany and Europe again, also because of her Spanish and German roots.

Duo Unity

Lea Toran Jenner met her Duo Partner Francis Perreault at the École Nationale de Cirque in Montréal in 2011. They decided to work together in one Single Cyr Wheel to create an innovative circus discipline – the Cyr Wheel Duo: Duo Unity.

For their act, Lea & Francis have been rewarded with a Bronze Medal at the prestigious Circus Festival Cirque de Demain in Paris, France 2015, a Silver Award at the Budapest Lyrical Circus Festival, Hungary 2020, and a Gold Medal & Audience Award at the International Festival of Albacete, Spain 2019.