Lea discovered and fell in love with the Cyr Wheel during her training at the National Circus School in Montreal in 2011. When she left school, she was immediately hired by Cirque Eloize with whom she toured globally in the show “Cirkopolis” in 2015. German and Spanish of origin Lea loves to perform in Europe, in Circuses, Theaters, Variety and Events. She regularly performs at the Moulin Rouge in Paris after having shined for 2 years (2017-2018) on this prestigious stage.

Picture by Wolf Simon

Lea grew up in a small city in Germany called Ulm. During her childhood gymnastics and later aerobic gymnastics were her biggest passions. She allways dreamed of one day perform in the circus, and accomplished this dream when she was accepted into the circus school in Montreal. During her time in school she majored in Cyr Wheel Solo, and minored in Cyr Wheel Duo and Aerials. The school being in French and English she also learned to speak these two languages fluently, making her, together with her mother and father tounges German and Spanish, a quadrilingue woman.

Graduating in 2014 from this famous circus school and being right away hired by the Canadian Cirque Eloize to tour for one year with the Show “Cirkopolis”, Lea performed on the most prestigious stages around the world, in Australia, South America and Europe, including the Peacock Theater in London, the Tel Aviv Opera House and the Syney Opera House.

In 2015 Lea and her stage partner Francis Perreault presented their Cyr Wheel Duo, Duo Unity, for the first time at the Festival de Cirque de Demain. They won a Bronze Medal and the Moulin Rouge Prize the perfect way to start their Duo career.

The Duo Unity performed for numerous shows, the Moulin Rouge in Paris, Feuerwerk der Turnkunst in Germany, Circus Roncalli, Circus Conelli in Switzerland just to name a few. They performed all over Europe, in Russia and in Japan.

Since Lea and Francis are both Soloists at the base, they allways kept developing their Solocareer paralell to their Duo Career. Lea performed at the Moulin Rouge as a Solo as well as at the Nostos Summer Fesitval in Greece.

Lea’s latest string to her arc is a brand new Aerial Chandelier Act. After having performed on the floor for so many years now it is time for her to fly.