Lea’s Late Night Circus Show

Every Saturday (20h CET), Lea‘s Late Night Circus Show throws an exclusive acrobatic party with today’s “crème de la crème” of modern circus artists. During two hours of interactive live stream, Lea Toran Jenner, host and creator of the show, welcomes you and her weekly guest in a “living room TV studio” to perform, play, talk, confess and much more.

Beyond acrobatics, performances and games, you will be led to discover circus artists’ personalities and get to know them on a level that goes far beyond their usual 5 minutes act. Through personal stories and crunchy questions, Lea brings a 360-degree point of view on what it is to be a circus artist in 2021.

On top of world class acrobatics and intimate moments, you can participate in a moderated “chat feed” with interactive “commands” created for the audience to trigger applause, laughter or even drum-rolls during the live show. The audience’s active role during the night spices up the atmosphere and creates instant on screen feedback for the performers making each viewer a crucial part of this live show.

“Lea’s Late Night Circus Show” is not intended to replace live events whatsoever, it is a traveling TV show with a revolving set. As Lea travels the world, you are a welcome passenger, a companion on this exciting and fun ride. Currently, the show is hosted in Berlin. Come by, say hi and enjoy the circus ride!!!

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The idea of creating Lea’s Late Night Circus Show, came to me when I realized that I wanted to spent the rest of my life performing on stage. Of course the most beautiful thing would be to perform my acrobatic acts, until I am 80 but that’s maybe a bit too romantic as for an approach for a career.

Since I love interviews and I am used to entertain with my Youtube Videos I thought that the role of a host could be exactly the thing I’d love to do and could do on stage forever. There was just one thing missing: a show that would hire me as a host. So I decided to create my own.

Lea’s Late Night Circus Show has been inspired by a lot of existing shows, yet, I believe it is a unique format with a lot of potential. The interactive aspect of the live applause from the audience gives the performers a feeling they already know from the circus stage: connection with the audience and direct reward. The intimate setting and the option to have a drink on the other hand set the right atmosphere for sharing about the artist’s life, details the audience could only have imagined about… . And because I am a circus artist myself, I can, as a host, connect on a different level with my guests than any other host could. So in my mind the idea was great, and there was only one way to figure out if it was actually a good idea: by doing it.

So we transformed my living room into a stage, we built an acrobatic gantry to hang aerial apparatuses. I started streaming on the platform Twitch by myself (learning the hard way how it feels like to be streaming with nobody watching). We connected with other artists and circus companies to share technical equipment, cameras, lights and costumes… but most importantly, I just started to put on a show with a guest every Saturday at 8pm (Berlin time) for now 6 consecutive weeks. Of course the show is still in an early state and far away from where I see it one day. But that’s okay, because with each show, I get better, my team gets better, the show gets better and the audience is growing.

I am quite proud how far we have come in only 7 short weeks, and I cannot wait to see where Lea’s Late Night Circus Show will be in a couple of months!

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